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Did you know that the Middle Shuswap has almost as many salmon as the Adams River? The large Wilsey Dam salmon return is not promoted as a tourist attraction.  Is it any wonder -  anyone witnessing our beautiful salmon jumping into the Hydro spillway only to die on the rocks, knows why our salmon return is relatively unknown.

When the ladder is built, we expect to create public viewing areas such as an underwater viewing area however for that to happen, we would need to organize a very large fundraiser and receive all necessary approvals.  For now, our focus is on raising awareness on the importance of building a safe way for returning salmon to spawn further upstream as they had done for centuries prior to the dam being built in 1929.   

Recently and seemingly continuously, Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) scientists have been doing research into problems associated with the Wilsey Dam fish ladder and still they are asking for more time.  Some years, fish are being released above the dam to see if the salmon can make it past the turbines and then return to spawn.

Society directors have been attending BC Hydro meetings where fish ladder discussions are taking place.   Many Community Groups support the fish ladder including First Nations, Lumby Wildlife Association, Kalamalka Fisherman's Association, the Cattleman's Association and others who also attend the meetings.  BC Hydro has the funds to build the fish ladder and the last hurdle appears to be getting project approval from DFO. 


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